My Top 5 Attractions In Albay

The Philippines has always been a great little-known tourist destination. But, over the last ten years, efforts to attract tourist has been attempted with great success. It piqued my interest. So after my day job at a towing company, I would go home and research for what would become my next vacation.

With the quaint and modern capital city of Manilla, beautiful and clear beaches of Boracay and Cebu, historical Davao City, Vigan City, and Palawan, the Philippines basically has it all to fulfill many of my touristic adventures. It was hard to decide on which adventures to take and attractions to see. You’ll see my choices below.

Albay is one of the six provinces in the Bicol Region 285 miles south of Manila. Because it houses the famous Mayon Volcano, the province takes pride of its natural landscape attractions, unique and delectable cuisine, and fine cultural handmade crafts. My being a self proclaimed landscape artist and designer, as my side gig for extra income, it was exciting to taste the native food and see how the people used native materials to make beautiful crafts. One such craft was the small statues made from the hardened volcano lava or “lava rock” as it was called.

Both nature and adventure are my interests, and Albay was my destination place for my visit to the Philippines.

Without further ado,…….

Here Are My Top 5 Things To Do In Albay

1. Discover Mayon Volcano

A visit to the Mayon Volcano is a must when visiting Albay. If you’re up for appreciating a monumental piece of nature, a hike up Mayon Volcano is a must-do in Albay. Hiking up the crater is a popular activity amongst visitors and is usually conducted with registered local guides for a small fee.

If hiking is not your thing, you can drive along the scenic trails up the Mayon Skyline also known as the Mayon Rest House. It is the closest point to the volcano you can get to by vehicle. These are truly breath taking scenic views.

2. Discover The Hoyop Caves

Explore and discover the world of the Hoyop Caves located in the city of Camalig, Albay. The cave can be found 30-45 minutes from the province of Albay in the Cotmon, Camalig White Mountain. TIP: Hire a tricyclist to get you there. You won’t regret it!

The cave houses a work of natural art. Inside the Hoyop cave has astonishing sights of stalactites and stalagmites that was naturally formed throughout thousands, if not, millions of years.

This is a privately owned tourist attraction that is open to the public for a very small fee at the entrance of 50 Philippine pesos. It was more than worth the visit while in Albay – in fact, it’s priceless!

3. Swimming At Waterfalls Of Albay

If water toots your interest, then taking a trip out to the province’s beautiful waterfall cascades is a must. Bring your swim gear so you can bask in the waters of these rural countryside attractions:

– Vera Falls
– Palale Falls (in Malinao)
– Busay Falls
– Bugsucan Falls (in Tiwi Albay)
– Mataginting Falls (in Jovellar)

4. Be Mesmerized By The Volcanic Black Sand Beaches

The island of Santorini and areas of the Hawaiian islands has the rare black sand beaches. But, because of Albay’s volcanic origins, it is the home of one the most unusual jet-black sandy beaches of the world.

In the rural town of Bacacay, you can walk the coastline of Sogod Beach of mostly black volcanic sand. You can also take a scenic drive to Tiwi and end up at the other black sand beach of Joroan. Both beaches have great waves for surfing. So bring your surf board and shred up some waves to pass the time then relax on the beach and take in a breath taking sunset.

5. Visit A Century-Old Church

Other than it’s natural wonders, Albay has it’s cultural histories spread across its cities. If history, culture, and architecture are your interest, a visit to the centuries-old religious structures will delight you.

Old churches are present throughout the Philippines. Some have been renovated for museum purposes and preservation. Here are some historic churches in Albay that are worth visiting:

– San Juan Bautista Church (Tabaco City. Built in 1616)
– Daraga Church a.k.a. Our Lady Of The Gate
– Camalig Church a.k.a. Church Of St. John The Baptist, one of the most massive and best-preserved churches.

So, if nature, sightseeing, discovery, and adventure peeks your interest, these are my suggestions as the top 5 things to do in Albay, Philippines. However, do your own research. There may be a jewel in Albay that I missed.